At Cannaforce, We benefit from a network of over 50 marijuana producers Worldwide. 

The advantage of this network is that on one side, We select the best flowers from each producer and we propose it to each client. No more struggling to find "top shelf" quality flowers at affordable prices.

On the other side, if we find your products good enough to be Cannaforce approved, we can propose your flowers to each of our clients and we can assure that the struggle of selling all your flowers will be solved within a few weeks.

Lastly, Cannaforce selects the best quality and most innovative cannabis-derived products that can be white-labeled to add value to your product range. You will be able to choose from a hundred different products from simple candies, oils, body creams, vape pens up to clinically/dermatologically tested and approved creams and lotions.

If you are interested in buying/selling flowers or by derived products, 

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